Anime Car

Anime Car!? That's what I want!

I envy Japanese Otakus!



What's Itashas?

Itashas are booming among Japanese Otakus.
An Itasha is a car decorated with Anime.

"Itasha" was originally ment "Italian Cars"
However, nowadays "Itasha" means " Itai Kuruma"(a painful car) in slang.
The slang "Itasha" now became standard.

Otakus come to Akihabara and Anime events by their Itashas.
Also Itasha shows are annually held.


SWEEETl!! But, how to make it?

It's easy to make Itashas.
Get anime graphics, and stick 'em on your car.
Now, you got your favorite anime always on your car.

But, it's not sold nearby or not exact angles/characters you want.

We can make the itasha graphics for your car!

We proudly make your favorite anime graphics to Itasha stickers.
You just find whatever images you like from internet, magazines, and comic books etc.
and email them to us.
Japanese specialists process the images into Itasha stickers and send them via EMS.
All you need to do is find favorite images.

This Itasha graphics can be applied onto many products.
You can apply to Motorcycles, bikes, snow boards, skies, guitars etc.
It's totally up to you.


Who are we?

We are introducing J-pop culture worldwide.
Led by Tosimichi Nozoe, we have introduced
Akihabara Guide Book and iPhone app so far.

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anime car

anime car

1. Find images you want as sticker
2. Let us estimate by submitting this form.( An estimate is FREE)
3. We'll let you know a rough estimate. If no concerns, please pay it by Paypal.
4. We start processing.
5. We mail it to you via EMS.


Q. Can you make Itasha graphics of any design?
A. As long as you got digital files, any design can be processed.

Q. Does the image need to be Anime?
A. No. We can process any images like photos and paintings.

Q. I'm not sure that I can apply it on my car successfully.
A. No problem. We use user-friendly Japan brand.

Q. How big does the image need to be?
A. Too small images do not look good in big sizes.

Q. Can you cut out the figure from a photo?
A. Sure. We can do that.

Note: Cutout leave border(less than a inch) on the figure.
The color of the border can be adjusted.(It does not match precisely)
If no specification was presented, white is applied.(original material color)

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